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Inspiration: Salem's Riverfront Carousel project was inspired by a trip Hazel Patton took in 1996 to visit family in Missoula, Montana. While there she went to see the first old-world style carousel built in the U.S. since the Great Depression. When Hazel rode the carousel, she knew it was more than the music and motion of the ornately carved and hand-painted horses that created magic in Missoula. The real beauty was how the carousel united the community by combining history with the creative talents of Missoula's citizens. She knew that the citizens of Salem could bring similar magic to the banks of the Willamette River. Vision: The vision of Salem's Riverfront Carousel is to touch the hearts, spark the imaginations and ignite the creative spirits of a broad spectrum of volunteers by creating a work of art that will stand as a historical landmark and an enduring symbol of community pride and cooperation. Mission: The mission of Salem's Riverfront Carousel is to enhance the quality of life in the Willamette Valley by invigorating community cohesiveness, fostering cultural and educational opportunities, creating a living history, and increasing tourism.
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9/11 Memorial Horse Carving Project

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Press Release: Salem’s Riverfront Carousel
March 31, 2011
Re: 9/11 Memorial Horse Carving Project
The Carousel ‘Thursday Carvers’ have taken on a new carving project!
Working in collaboration with Debbie Crooks, Carousel Gift Gallery Manager; Oregon’s
Patriot Day Field of Flags non profit organization, (headed by Gerry Frank, Janet Taylor,
Dick Withnell and Jerry Thompson), and artist, Janee Hughes—work will begin on a 1/4
scale carving of a memorial horse for the local, upcoming 10th anniversary plans of the
September 11th ‘Never Forget’ event.

Following military funeral honor tradition, the carving project design features will include
a caparisoned, prancing horse with white body and mane; red, white and blue flag themed
blanket with golden tassels; an eagle crested trapping; jeweled bridle; and US Calvary
McClellan style saddle with empty boots sitting in reverse upon the stirrups. The romance
side will also feature a carved ‘Never Forget’ flag.

The carving will be made from basswood and sit on a walnut base, with the basswood being
provided by Salem Wood Products. Stars and medallions will represent the branches of both
military and emergency services—honoring those fell victim to the terrorist acts committed
in the US in 2001 and who gave their lives responding to the national crisis.

The public is welcome to come and observe the work in progress (beginning mid-April)
and over the next few months, typically on Thursdays between 10am and 2pm. The
‘Thursday Carver’s’ group managing the carving and sanding will include head master
carver, Everett Koontz; Charlie King, Joe Winter, Don and Shirley Knepp, Arturo Fernandez,
Fritz Geiling, Lois Witherspoon and Ruth Burden. Janee Hughes, a long-time associate
of the Carousel designed the horse and will do the painting. Many of the artisans also
worked on the original project of the existing Carousel.

The memorial project is tentatively scheduled for completion by August. It will be
represented during the State Fair and eventually raffled off to the public during the Patriot
Day event weekend of Sept. 8-11th, at Riverfront Park and the Carousel.
(Raffle ticket sale details will be announced in the near future).

For additional information about Patriot Day 2011, contact www.patriotsdaymemorial.com
or call 503.364.9468.
Salem’s Riverfront Carousel is located at
101 Front ST NE, in vibrant downtown Salem, OR.